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Sunglasses Flip Up Clip On Glasses Polarized Night Vision Driving Lens Eyewear

Kindle support

Kindle is a small-held electronic device launched by Amazon Corporation for reading books, watching your favorite media, and movies developed by the online retailer. But like any other electronic gadget, Kindle will also ask you to seek online help from the technical support team.

As the very common issue that occurs is the registration problem, Kindle Wi-Fi Connection, Broken screen or Broken case of Kindle, Kindle Screen Issues, Kindle Connecting via USB Issues, Kindle Battery issues, Kindle Newsstand Issue, Video Issues on E-reader, Music Issues, etc. You can contact us to get the quick Kindle Support for the issues related to E-book and all the help required related to kindle.

What is Kindle?

Kindle is a revolutionary electronic device that was launched in early 2012. The very first electronic device that was launched is the Kindle Fire and then it comes to Fire HD. And the one which looks like android has a color screen and it offers you amazing features like the ability to stream the music and video as well as you can continue to be a Kindle.


Full troubleshooting directions for various Kindle Ereader versions are available.

Kindle app not working

The app won’t load and starts to crash as users can not use the Kindle app to learn and install the books. Get it fix from us.

Sunglasses Flip Up Clip On Glasses Polarized Night Vision Driving Lens Eyewear

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Kindle is turning off

If your Kindle is turning off than you are not alone in this error. Many users complains about it. Either battery problems or phone overheating could be the problem.

Kindle not connect to PC

Many users find difficulty in connecting their Kindle with PC or laptop. Do not worry get our Kindle customer services and get your Kindle fixed in no time.

Massive Battery Drain

Due to unexplained or the sudden battery drain your E-reader app gets turned off and this hinders the user of the Kindle in accessing the content on Kindle.

Kindle are disappeared

The users of the Kindle have complained about the lost data on their e-books when they reboot the e-reader. Despite, many are unable to access the downloaded content.

Kindle not charging

Are you not able to charge your E-Book, then connect at the e-reader customer care number who know all the solutions related to Kindle not charging or slow charging.

How to reset your Kindle?

Do you want to download the E-reader app on your device then you have to get it from the authentic site?

Before proceeding to the step of the factory reset, you should take the back up of your kindle device. After it, you can follow the steps to reset the Kindle device.

  • Firstly, go to the Home Screen of the Kindle and then you will need to swipe down from the top.
  • With this, you will get access to make changes in the Settings.
  • It will show you a gear-shaped icon when you will swipe down, click on it to access the settings.
  • After it, you will see the option of Devices on the screen of your Kindle.

Go to the bottom of that list and select the “Device” Option. It will show the model description of the kindle device used by you. Once you tap the “Device” option you will need to select the “Reset to Factory Default”.


It will ask for your confirmation by showing an alert message on the Kindle screen to do the Factory reset of the Kindle. Once you give the approval to do the Factory reset then it will erase the data from the account linked to it and all the applications downloaded and also all the saved contents stored in the internal storage. If you have attached the SD card to it, it will not touch the data of your SD card. If you also want to erase the data from your SD card also then you will have to follow the guidelines displayed on the screen.

Encase, you are not able to understand the steps, then you can contact the expert of the kindle support who will assist and guide you with their reliable information related to the problem if you do not know how to reset Kindle?

How to connect kindle to PC

With  Kindle Fire tablets and Kindle e-readers, you can take your reading and other entertainment with you on the go. It is more convenient to transfer the files via the internet when not available. Even you can transfer the content using the USB cable that is issued with the Kindle when you buy it. To Connect your Kindle with the PC you need to follow the below steps:

  • Firstly connect the small end of the USB cable o the micro-USB port that is situated on the bottom of your Kindle device.
  • After it, unlock your Kindle by sliding the arrow on the touch screen and then insert the other end of the USB cable to your PC’s USB port. Once the computer recognizes the kindle it wills pop-up a display from where you can manage your Kindle device.
  • Now, click on the Open folder to view files. It will open up a new Windows explorer where you have resides all the data and the content in your Kindle fire. You can also click on the Start button and then tap on the “Computer”. After it double-clicks on the Kindle icon.
  • When you open the Kindle folder on your PC, you need to click on the internal storage where you have saved all the files in your Kindle. You can use the Window Explorer to drag the files from the different locations from your computer to the Kindle fire.
  • You will need to tap on the Disconnect icon that is shown at the bottom in the right corner of your system. Then safely eject the Kindle cable from the computer.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Ereaders

The continuous use of device sometimes may makes the screen frozen. For which one can try to press power button as mentioned in self help methods mentioned above. If it doesn’t work you can contact our Kindle support team.

Did you Sync your E-reader to get the content? If you want to receive the content on your E-book app for Android Sync your device with it.

Go to the Home screen and click the Sync Icon On. After it, click on the Menu button and you can do it from your Phone also by tapping the Menu button on the devices and select the Sync to synchronize the Bookmarks, notes, the last location read, and highlights with other E-reader devices.

You have the choice to un-register the Kindle, the reading app from your device by going to the Manager, and then your Content and further to Devices. If you want to de-register your E-reader account, then it must be connected with the data network or wireless network connection.

  1. Then Tap the menu icon from the Home screen of the Kindle app for Android.
  2. Then click on Settings and then you can un-register the account linked to the account.
  3. It will ask your confirmation for Sign Out. Select the Sign out the option to affirm it.
  4. After un-registering you can link your Amazon account to the E-book reading app.
  5. Now, go to the Register the Kindle for Android.

Important Note: When you will un-register your Kindle app for Android, then it will sign out you from all the apps with your Single Sign-in enabled installed on the device.


Once you will register to E-reader for Android, then it will sign in to all the other apps again.

If you are not able to do the syncing, or shopping or downloading the Kindle apps then you need to check the status of data network connection or wireless network.

If you don’t see an active signal of Wi-Fi on your phone or you don’t have data network bars, then you might need to connect it with the wireless network.

Go to the Home Screen and see the 3G or 4G network.


Kindle Customer Services is an online third -party technical support service provider company. We offer valuable help in fixing the various technical issues related to Kindle. The images, brand names, trademarks, products that we use in our services are only for the referntial purposes. We, Kindle Customer Services have no affiliation with any other brand or the company unless  we express such relationship specifically. Warranty, discounts and offers related to product are not of our concern. You can contact the prduct manufacturer regarding such help.

Sunglasses Flip Up Clip On Glasses Polarized Night Vision Driving Lens Eyewear
Yellow-Green,Blue-Green,This polarized lenses is a great addition for anyone who wears glasses,easily transform your regular glasses into sunglasses, Features:Polarized,Lightweight,UV Protection, Lens Colour:Yellow(Night Vision),Dark Green,Blue,Dark Brown,Silver.