Kindle Troubleshooting

Kindle Troubleshooting

The series of Kindle has turned out to be a fruition saga for Amazon, about which everyone is aware of. On Kindle, you can browse, download or even purchase and read the magazines, novel, newspapers on the store of Kindle with the help of the Internet. After it launches the device has gone through a lot of upgrades. Kindle is available in different sizes and it supports multiple contents to meet the requirement of the different users.

With time, it is normal that you will encounter some kind of error on your Kindle device and you will search for Kindle Troubleshooting. The issue appearing on the screen can be due to anything like due to the internet or purchases made for books. The problem hampers the experience of the user who is using the Kindle. Even you are also facing the same problem then through this blog, we will help provide you Kindle Troubleshooting guide through which you can easily get rid of the issue and you can bring your Kindle back to normal functioning.

What is Kindle?

No doubt Amazon has launched the Kindle to help the user and giving them pleasurable experience while reading as through it you can read or download the content from the internet or you can also purchase the book. There is no denying fact that still, that the company is introducing the new versions of Kindle with updated features and the kindle which is famous now a day is on the form tablet.

But the fact is that, whether the device is enjoying the top position in the industry it will surely have a downside as it is an electronic gadget. Many users have reported about the issues of kindle device faced by them. So, in the following section, we will give you Kindle troubleshooting instructions. Kindle troubleshooting for the simple issue is very easy to like if you have to change the settings or adopting new features. But sometimes there are severe issues for which Kindle troubleshooting is also not much help and you will have to take the help of the Kindle support team.

 Kindle Troubleshooting Guide for the Simple situation

 When Kindle won’t connect to Wireless Network anymore

When you are trying to connect your Kindle device with the wireless network connection of your home to download books or some other thing from the web but it is not getting connected to it. Then you may have to follow the below steps to get your Kindle connected to the wireless network:

  • The first step to do is restart all the devices which are to kindle or wireless network one by one.
  • Also, restart your wireless network connection by turning it off and then powering it on after a few seconds.
  • Even, by pressing the Power button you need to restart your Kindle device.
  • Sometimes the signals of your router are weak and they are interrupted either you are sitting away from the router or in dead zone area, so try to stand near to it to check if it is connecting.
  • You can also check the wireless router and settings of the Wi-Fi channel which should be set to 1 to 11 channels.
  • After checking the setting, restart your router and modem.

Most probably, your device will get connected to the wireless network connection by following the Kindle troubleshooting guide and still if it does not then you may have to contact our support team of Kindle who will guide you with reliable information.

Kindle Troubleshooting steps to reset your Kindle

By resetting the Kindle device, it solves most of the problems like a slow response, frozen screen, etc. You can reset your Kindle in two methods:

  • Restart Kindle or the Soft Reset
  • Reset to Factory Default Settings or the Hard Reset

1.The Soft Reset usually means that you can restart your Kindle to give it a reset and to make a new start for it you have to follow the below steps:

Long press the Power Button

And hold the power button for full 40 seconds

For 5-6 seconds, the screen of Kindle will be turned off, don’t worry it is normal

Now, release the button once, completing the 30-40 seconds

After it, it will restart your Kindle device as the light of the charge indicator will turn on.

  1. The Hard Reset will reset your kindle device as a fresh slate and before to do that make sure you have taken the back up of all the data, media and files.

Once you will do the factory reset to all your settings, all the preferences will be lost and you will have to fill all the details of your Amazon account again.

  • Firstly swipe down from the top of the screen
  • After it, tap on the “Settings” option
  • Now select the “Devices Options”
  • After it, choose the “Reset to Factory Defaults”.
  • To confirm it, select “Reset”
  • Now, the device will get turned off and it will restart after a few seconds.

One thing should be clear to you that when you will do a hard reset it will erase the information like game settings, saved passwords, theme customizations and any other app settings stored in it and you will have to re-enter it again. If the above Kindle troubleshooting instructions are not helpful to you then you can contact the support team of Kindle who will assist you all the reliable information required by you.

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