Kindle stuck on start screen

Kindle stuck on start screen

Did you decide to examine a book on your Kindle handiest to turn it on and notice it getting stuck on the start screen? This is one of the maximum unusual issues Kindle users face but luckily there are a few steps you could observe to remedy this trouble. By following these steps you could troubleshoot the problem all with the aid of your self and resolve it. In most of the instances, those solutions work and Kindle begins running well. Also, these steps are pretty easy and you can do it yourself.

Charge the Battery of your Kindle while it receives caught or frozen at the start screen

One of the most common answers to choose, while your Kindle gets caught on the start screen is to recharge your battery. You ought to rate it for approximately an hour. Then test if the Kindle is working properly once more. Sometimes the Kindle tool gets frozen or stuck due to low battery. If that is the case, then charging up your Kindle will remedy the trouble and you can go back again to reading books peacefully on it. If your Kindle still does no longer work, comply with the next step.

Restart your Kindle device

If after charging also your Kindle device does not works, then attempt restarting it. For this, you want to show your device off absolutely after which turn it returned on once more. For Kindle Fire Tablets, you may do this by holding the power button for a few seconds turn a “ Do you need to shut down your Fire “ options seems. Then faucet at the “Shut down” and “Power off” button and wait till it turns off completely. Then press the power button once more and restart your device. Kindle e-reader person will ought to choose the “Home” to “Menu” and visit “Settings” options inside the Menu. Then from “Settings” options pick “Menu” and then “Restart”.

Go for the Reset Option

If your Kindle get freeze at the start screen after you have restarted it then strive resetting it. First, try a smooth reset and take a look at if it really works well. If now not then move for the difficult reset choice. For a gentle reset, you want to slide the power switch after which release it. The LED switch will burst off. Then slide the switch once more and it’ll restart. For a tough reset, you need to slide the power turn on your Kindle and hold it for approximately 20 seconds. Then launch the slider and your Kindle will restart. Then take a look at it’s working normally or no longer. If it nonetheless doesn’t work then select the “Reset to Factory Defaults” option from “settings”. This will erase all of the content, but you could repair it from your Amazon account.

Follow the above-stated tricks and make your Kindle work nicely once more

So observe the above-mentioned tricks if your Kindle gets caught at the start display. These hints work most of the time and resolve the hassle as in maximum instances the trouble is commonly minor. However, if you see that even after following these steps, your Kindle isn’t working well and is still getting caught at the start display screen then contact your Amazon Kindle help team. This may be executed by finding the “Manage my Kindle” link on your Amazon account. With their easy to observe manual steps, you may see that Kindle screen is getting ON properly.

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