Set up kindle 1 click payment

Set up kindle 1 click payment

Kindle is a completely well-known e-reader by Amazon that still has emerged as one of the highest promoting e-readers. The ease of use and dynamic capabilities of Kindle makes it more powerful. One of the flexible advantages of Kindle is its 1 click on a payment approach.

This is a payment option with which you could use your debit cards, credit cards, or Amazon store card to connect your Kindle on your Amazon account and make quick payments.

For most of the second technology Kindle devices, the option of 1 click on is to be had. You can enable and disable this 1 click on payment while changing the settings.

Steps to make the payment of the Kindle on 1 Click:

Step 1:

Go in your kindle sign in and register your account. Log in while entering your Amazon account. After signing in, you may be brought about to ‘Manage Your Kindle’ page.

Step 2:

Manage your Kindle web page has further three tabs. ‘Your Content’, ‘Your Devices’, and ‘Your Settings’. From this, pick out the settings tab and click on it. From the ‘Settings’ tab, pick payment settings as we need to edit the payment settings for 1 click on.

Step 3:

Once you input the payment settings, you’ll be capable of browse all of your cards.  Even, you can make use of your existing cards to permit 1 click payment Kindle or you may add a new card. Choose the cardboard or add a new card whilst filling the information.

Step 4:

Choose your payment option after including or choosing the card and press the faucet at the yellow key to maintain. The button will be on the right side of the page. Add the information of your billing address with and once more faucet on continue yet again. You might be capable of using the 1 click payment Kindle approach after completing these changes.

With this, you could make all of the payments and get an e-book with just a 1 click on an alternative. This is a facility which makes the procedure of purchasing books virtually, easy and problem-free. Perform these steps and your 1 click payment technique will be enabled.

These steps normally work for all of the accounts. If you aren’t capable of using the 1 click on the choice, make certain the card you have brought in 1 click on payment Kindle has the desired amount of balance. Still, Problem now not resolved to Get the Kindle Support Here

A small recap:

  •  Manage your Content and Devices
  • Settings
  • Digital Payment
  • Edit Payment Method
  • Choose the card/ Add a new card
  • Continue
  • Enter billing address


With these modifications in settings, you may easily browse or edit your fee methods and allow 1 click price to buy and study books quickly!


If you’re a studying addict, absolute confidence you will be having bulk books stored for your Kindle. It could be very vital to save the books and content or backup them in your PC to maintain it safe.

Kindle has some top-notch functions in order to permit smooth backing up of your books and content. The sync facility is supplied so that the customers can browse their content and download it on distinctive gadgets from the same account.

There are masses of flexible alternatives to be had to transfer the documents from kindle to your computer. You can back up all of your documents of the Kindle on your PC or Mac. You can backup or transfer your documents to the laptop in 2 approaches:

  • Using cloud and simple transfer using USB
  • Using a kindle computer application

Transfer the files of the Kindle PC to the Cloud:

Transferring from the cloud is the satisfactory and most effective choice to transfer the facts. Kindle provides the facility of syncing the account and thus, from the cloud, syncing the devices the usage of the same account is easy.

Your information will get truly transferred to the PC and you don’t want to attach the Kindle and PC for making the transfer of the data.


You can transfer your files from your Kindle to your PC with the help of the USB cable.

You will want the unique cable for transferring data. You can also get the Kindle Fire USB which is bought on Amazon and transfer facts without problems. Go thru those steps:

  • Connect the PC and your Kindle at the same time as it’s switched ON
  • One the kindle is hooked up on your PC it will display the message ‘you can now transfer files from your laptop to kindle.’
  • Choose the destination folder where you need to move your Kindle documents
  • Click on My Computer and you could then use the drag and drop method to send files to the PC or get the files out of your PC.
  • Eject the Kindle from pc effectively and end the document transfer in his trouble freeway!


For the use of this option, you should have your files inside the cloud. If you don’t have an e-reader, you can effortlessly save the files out of your Kindle to the computer the usage of the desktop application. You won’t even want the USB cable to transfer the information.


Step 1: Download the Kindle desktop application

The first step is getting the computer software. You can download and examine the Kindle books in your PC the use of this selection. There are distinctive applications available for Windows XP, 7 or Vista along with windows 8 whilst it’s also to be had for Mac./

Go to Kindle reading app and press download. After downloading the app, open it, and register along with your Amazon account.

Step 2: Download books using the cloud

Kindle comes with the power of storing and retrieving the statistics from the cloud. While your Amazon account gets synced for your PC, you may download all the books the use of the software. Browse the books you want to download and press the download button.

Step 3:  You can find any of the books and then save it to the desk

After the download, the items will keep in a special download folder. In Mac, you will locate it in Library whilst in systems with windows, you’ll get it in the documents/AppData folders. You could have those documents stored here or can pass them to a different region.

These are the easy steps thru which, you can transfer your files from Kindle to the computer inside mins! If still your problems are not resolved then you can talk to the specialist of the Kindle who has years of experience in resolving the issues.

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