Unable to Register Kindle

Unable to register Kindle

Are you also the one who is unable to register Kindle? Then your problem can be solved very easily if you will follow the guidelines properly. We already know that a Kindle a most used e-reader device on which you can read the books online. It has amazing features like the adjustment of the margin as you can align the width of the paper. It has replaced the traditional books. But no doubt it is also an electronic device it will definitely show an error related tot he Kindle as most of the people are unable to register their  Kindle. For this, you can speak to the technical team of the Kindle for further assistant. We are here to discuss the further reasons why you can register and how you can register your Device.

Did the registration of Kindle failed-Why?

You can get a lot of reasons for the Kindle device registration as sometime you will get failed in this process. If you want to use the Amazon Product then you will have to create your amazon account. With the single amazon account, you can use it on multiple devices. If you are already a user of the Amazon Account then you can directly link your account with the Kindle because you can not access the kindle without the amazon account. But on kindle you can use only one account only you can make use of that account on any other kindle device. As it is registered with the Kindle device.Are you trying to rectify the problem like Unable to register Kindle then you will need to check the option of Manage My Kindle account from where you can easily make changes? But for this, you will have to make sure that the kindle account used by you is not registered with any other kindle device. And if sometimes require you can also register your kindle device again with the amazon account. During the de-registration process, it will take sometimes 4 hours.

While if there is an error during the registration of the Kindle device then you can contact the technical team of the Kindle support for further assistance.

Now, to register your Kindle you will need to connect the device with the internet to continue the process. Then you will have to go to the settings option and then there you will see the option of the “register the Account”.

The other reason that it is not getting the registered is can be due to the poor connectivity that is displayed on the kindle.  If you want to avoid the error for further registration then you will have to connect the internet with full speed.  Here are the troubleshooting steps that you can follow you’re below steps to get your Kindle device registered.

  • First, check the system so that you can make sure that it is registered to the Amazon account or not.
  • Further, if it then you can deregister your device and register it again.
  •  Once you deregister the device, then you can log your Kindle device to the Amazon Account and further do the login of the Kindle.
  • Now all the data of the Amazon will be erased.
  • After it, you can manage to make your Kindle device by signing it into your computer.
  • Next, it will ask you to enter the password and then you can easily deregister your device.
  • Despite, when you will remove all the data, then you can use a similar account to further log in into the amazon account to get your Kindle device register.

These are the steps through which you can easily manage to make your device connected. But if you are still unable to Kindle device connected then you can call tot he Kindle support team who will further help you in fixing the issue.

Fix the Kindle Device Registration failed

If you are also trying to get your Kindle device registered with the Amazon account then you will have to check all the credentials of the account but make sure with which device you are going to connect your device through. If you are trying to connect it through the computer then you can fill the serial number also as it can be readily available from your Kindle setting as you can see the serial number by going to the Settings. First of all, you will have to check if your device is already registered when you buy the kindle. If not then you might have to create a new account if you are not a user of the Amazon and if you are already a user of the Amazon Account then you will have to enter the email and then the password credential and it will make you log in to your device.

Next, you will have to go to the Menu where you will see the option of the Manage my account.

Frequently Asked Questions

For Ereaders

Tap ‘Settings’ (the gear icon)

Select ‘More’ from the dropdown menu.

Choose ‘My Account’.

Select ‘Register’.

Enter your Amazon account details (the email address and password).

First, download the Kindle app and install it.

Then Run the Kindle app and to access it you can add your existing account or you can create a new amazon account by entering the email address and the password and login in. Then click on the register button to register the kindle with the account.

Incorrect passwords are often the cause. Assure that you have used the Amazon account to sign in and have entered the correct information and password. In case, you forget the password, you can reset it and then try to restart the kindle.

If you have an Amazon account, tap the Use an Existing Amazon Account option. Enter your Amazon account e-mail and password. (The Kindle Paperwhite inputs its own serial number, so you don’t need to enter it.) Tap Submit.


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